sitely !

if any of your resources are listed on this site without credit, please do not hesitate to bring it my attention so you can be rightly credited.

much of my layout inspiration came from sites like strawberry-gashes, fairytrash, and y2k. left side navigation does a site good!
inspiration for my cds page came from strawberry-gashes. inspiration for my scrapbook page came from dokodemo and hillhouse.
cherish, spirit, and silver living font came from asterism. emoji font from meowni.

copying is an act of love. please copy. comfort by kayla, 2022 - forever.

note !

i don't mind if you want to take inspiration from any areas of my site, be it layout, contents, or the code itself. however, my code may be a little bit difficult to parse through because i like to use cute and relatively cosmetic id and class names. just be mindful of this! also, though i don't mind people using my work, others on neocities may not share this viewpoint, so please be respectful of people's desires on sites other than my own!

fanlistings !

some sites i love ! hillhouse jubiland!