welcome to my björk guðmundsdóttir shrine. i've been actively listening to her since may 15th 2023.
this page and all subcontents within serve as a love letter to her wonderful artistry, as well as the artist herself.

more likely than not forever a work in progress the more i come to properly parse and digest all of her works, as my tastes are ever-changing and evolving.

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björk was born on the 21st of november 1965 in reykjavík, iceland. she was raised by her mother, hildur rúna hauksdóttir, after a divorce from her father, guðmundur gunnarsson, in 1968 — the marriage falling apart due to expectations on hildur to be a housewife, something she was personally against. her mother was an activist, after all, with a rebellious spirit to accompany. as such, after the separation, björk and her mother moved to a hippie commune, with a stream of musicians and artists commonly gathering in the family home to play music, drink, and share their stories.

björk's musical inclinations started early, as she began attending barnamúsíkskóli reykjavíkur (now known as tónmenntaskóli reykjavík) at the age of five, graduating in 1980 at the age of fourteen. it is there that she learned to play both the piano and the flute. after a school recital wherein björk sang tina charles's i love to love, a recording of it was sent by one of her teachers to rúv radio station. the record was broadcast nationally, and she was approached by a representative of the fálkinn record label with an offer of a recording contract.

she was given the chance to record an album, and, after spending august and september of 1977 recording it, björk was released in december 1977. the songs on the album were a mixture of covers translated into icelandic and songs written specifically for the album. the album was recorded at hljóðriti studios in reykjavík, and the cover was designed by her mother. with the money she earned from the album, björk bought herself a piano, and began to compose more of her own songs. though the album charted in iceland, the young artist wasn't quite prepared for celebrity status, as the idolization from friends at school eager for her attention caused her to feel dejected. socially, she then on found herself surrounded by musicians three times her age, many of whom encouraged her to put out a second album.

the late seventies and early eighties marked when punk music hit iceland. in accordance, at the age of thirteen, björk performed as the drummer in a militant hardcore-feminist riot-grrrl-combo called spit and snot, which wrote songs about how much they hated men. during this time, she sported shaved eyebrows and orange hair. though they quickly disbanded due to so-called attitude problems, björk said the group believed that “boys are crap [and] they're only good for shagging”. she also described the band as “girls having fun, and f**k that sitting-around-and-being-cute”. another band björk formed was exodus, remembered as a naïve blend of new wave and pop. two years later, she emerged as the lead singer in tappi tikarrass, a punk-pop band. it was in that same year that björk got her tattoo, a vegvísir.

björk was sixteen when she fell in love with Þór eldon, stating how it was love at first sight and how she moved into his house the same evening that they met. she was eventually enlisted as a lead vocalist in icelandic supergroup kukl. the band's ethos questioned iceland's appropriated elements of the country's pagan past to shore up its own belief systems. kukl managed to stir up its own controvery besides that, however, such as the april 1986 television broadcast of the band performing. björk, dressed in only a bra and skirt, was seven months pregnant, with eyebrows shaven yet armpits unshaven. an elderly woman that was watching allegedly suffered a heart attack, blaming the ugliness of björk's pregnant belly, and even went on to sue her. björk gave birth two months later, on june 8th 1986, to her son sindri eldon Þórsson. she and Þór eldon were also wed in 1986, though she described it to be a marriage more of convenience than anything else — it took 10 minutes, and then they could get money from the state for Þór to get contact lenses.

when kukl went their separate ways, one of her former bandmates, einar örn, wanted to start a new band. he gathered björk, Þór eldon, and some former kukl members, and the sugarcubes were born. much more deliberately oriented towards pop music than björk's previous stints with punk, jazz, new wave, and other genres, the group achieved great success. the band signed to one little indian (now one little independent records) in the united kingdom, and elektra records in the united states, and released their debut album, life's too good, in april 1988. their second record, here today, tomorrow next week!, was released in september 1989, and many of the reviews viewed it as a weaker piece of work than the preceding album. stick around for joy, the sugarcubes's third and final album, was released in february 1992. it received noticably better reviews than their second album, and it even spawned their first big hit, with hit. the sugarcubes disbanded in december 1992.

so, what was next for björk except embarking on an epic solo career? she moved to london to pursue said solo career, and released debut in june 1993. it was named debut to signify the start of something new. the album included collaborations with nellee hooper, as well as david arnold for play dead, which was included on re-issues of debut. debut was heavily themed around love, from "flesh-and-blood" passion for another person, to the love of life itself. the album had five singles, being: human behavior, venus as a boy, play dead, big time sensuality, and violently happy. though all charted in the united kingdom, only human behavior, big time sensuality, and violently happy charted in the united states. debut is widely regarded as one of the best albums of 1993, as well as the 90s in general. björk won best newcomer and best international female at the 1994 brit awards thanks to this release. in sonic symbolism, debut is described as the following: shy, beginner, humility, virgin, beige, silver, mohair, the messenger.

work started on her next studio album, post, in late 1994. contrary to debut's gentler house music direction, post had much more of an edge, touching on musical styles like industrial and experimental. björk furthermore recognized post as more aggressive than debut, and identified independence, strength, and instinct as its lyrical themes. the title post refers to two things: one being how all songs were written post her move to england, and two being a reference to how she wished to communicate with her friends and family back in iceland, adding the meaning of mail. this is further showcased in the album cover, wherein she is depicted wearing a jacket inspired by royal mail envelopes. many controversies surrounded post, its release, and the span of time thereafter. some of the controveries include the removal of the army of me music video from mtv's playlist — which depicted her bombing an art museum, sadly overlapping with the oklahoma city bombing — as well as being sued by former collaborator simon fisher. additionally, the consistent media attention as well as excess of tour dates began to affect björk. one such example is the infamous welcome to bangkok incident. while on tour in february 1996, björk arrived at bangkok international airport with sindri. reporter julie kaufman, who had allegedly been bothering the two for days prior, approached them and said “welcome to bangkok!” this provoked björk to charge at kaufman and wrestle her to the ground. kaufman declined to press chargers. much of björk's persona during the post era left her viewed by the media as having a sort of pixie-like character. in sonic symbolism, post is described as the following: urban, greedy, promiscuity, euphoric, absorb, orange, pink, urban.

trigger warning for stalking, suicide, and racism contained inside. incredibly heavy subject matter, please proceed with caution.

ricardo lópez was a man with poor self-esteem who was very socially reclusive: he had few male friends and no female friends nor girlfriends. he had aspirations to become a famous artist, even dropping out of high school in hopes of achieving said aspirations, but never genuinely pursued a career due to his feelings of inadequacy. instead, he worked for his brother's pest control company. incredibly reclusive by this point, lópez began to retreat into a world of celebrity worship as a form of escape.

his obsession with björk began in 1993. he started to collect information about her life, followed her career heavily, and wrote her many fan letters. lópez at first cited björk as his muse, and said that she gave him a euphoric feeling. he kept a diary, wherein he wrote of his longing to be accepted by björk, and to be a person that had an impact on her life; he even went so far as to fantasize about creating a time machine so he could go back to the 1970s and befriend her as a child.

even on the first page of his diary, lópez alluded to suicide, writing “a few years from now . . . if i'm still here”. fascinatingly, his fixation on björk was nonsexual and even nonromantic, and he claimed that he could never have sex with björk because he loved her, alluding to the madonna-prostitute complex. in his diary's 803 pages, lópez made 14 direct and indirect references to homocide, and 34 references to suicide. other celebrities were described 52 times, and he described his deep feelings of self-loathing 168 times. björk remained the most popular subject, however, with a staggering 408 references.

lópez's positive obsession with björk carried on for almost two years. however, it suddenly switched to extreme hostility upon the revelation of björk's romantic involvement with goldie. he viewed the interracial relationship as something unacceptable, and the relationship inflamed his already dangerous views on race. day after day after day, he detailed his anger and all of his feelings of betrayal, and slowly developed a plan to punish her. it was a twelve month span between the origins of his anger towards björk and when he decided he wanted to try to kill her, and less than three months after that, he formulated his plan, and carried it out.

when his obsession shifted from fan worship to homocidal ideation, lópez stopped writing in his diary and began videotaping himself. his initial plan was to a construct a hollowed-out book, where, upon the book opening, needles with aids-tainted blood he intended to obtain from a prostitute would pop out and inject her. his goal with this was not to kill her, but instead to give her a disease, so he would be part of her life forever. this plan was subsequently abandoned due to the logistics, lópez thankfully lacking the engineering ability to construct it. instead, he assembled a bomb, also containing sulfuric acid, and placed it into a hollowed-out book. his objective with this plan was for the bomb to detonate and for the acid to spray into her face upon the opening of the book, hoping that if it didn't kill her, björk would be permanently disfigured by the attack, and thus he would be part of her life forever.

on september 12 1996, lópez began filming his final video diary, aptly titled “last day — ricardo lópez”. the tape firstly depicts him preparing to go to the post office and drop off the bomb, stating how he was very nervous, but that he would rather kill himself than be arrested should he arouse suspicion. the video diary further depicted lópez stripping naked, shaving off his hair and eyebrows, and painting himself with grease paint. seemingly in the style of colonel kurtz from apocalypse now, his nipples were painted red, his mouth was painted black, and his head was painted red and green. police speculated that this was to make him less recognizable so it would be easier for him to take his own life.

in the final moments of the video, i remember you plays as lópez grows increasingly anxious, a stark deviation from his otherwise calm demeanor in the rest of the tape. he begins to prattle about his final words, and says, “i just want to say, that... uh... my last words. what are my last words? well, f*ck the world, that's my last words. and, uh, f*ck björk. her and her [n-word] loving self.” as the song draws to a close, lópez exclaims what is speculated to be either “victory” or “this is for you”, and a .38 calibre revolver in his mouth to end his life.

behind lópez in the video was a sheet of bristol board, reading “the best of me” in black marker. on the wall behind him, he had written, “the 8 mm videos documentation of a crime, terrorist matter, and for the fbi”. furthermore, “[n-word] lover” was written on his fridge, accompanying his vehement racism throughout the diaries.

four days after his death, on september 16 1996, a foul odor and blood were reported to be coming from his apartment. the hollywood police department entered and discovered his corpse. the building was subsequently evacuated, while a bomb squad searched for explosives, finding none. after the police viewed his final tape, they contacted scotland yard to alert them about the bomb en route to björk's london residence. it hadn't been delivered yet, and the metropolitan police intercepted and safely detonated it.

two days after that, on september 18 1996, björk made a press statement, saying that she was very distressed by the incident. she sent a card and flowers to lópez's family, and left with sindri for spain. she also hired security for sindri, who was escorted to school by a minder.

the song so broken, available on the japanese edition of homogenic, is inspired by the events involving lópez.

working on new songs provided some much-needed therapy after all the events that had transpired, including both all of the controversies surrounding post's release as well as the trauma from lópez. from the very start of homogenic's production, there was a conceptual focus on the geography of iceland. björk knew very early on that homogenic would be a simple record compared to that of her previous two works, and adopted homogeneous as its working title, which was eventually changed to homogenic. for the creation of homogenic, björk also had a very close working relationship with post's engineer markus dravs. she allowed him an incredible amount of creative license, but refused to change on her basic concepts for the album. there were two primary elements: beats and strings. after the lópez incident, and the circus of media that begun to camp out on her lawn, quickly björk came to realize that she couldn't keep writing in london. her debut and post tour drummer trevor morais owned a studio in spain, which he offered to her for temporary respite. she only planned to stay in spain long enough to record the guitar portions of so broken, but was quickly enamored with her surroundings. after only a few days there, she decided to record all of homogenic in spain, barring her continued tradition of visiting reykjavík for christmas. in visting her native iceland that year, björk came to realize that she was returning to her roots with homogenic, compared to the comparatively more extroverted lifetyles and albums that debut and post encompassed. she returned to spain in january, homogenic released on september 20 1997, with a majority of the songs portraying lyrics about love and failed relationships. in sonic symbolism, homogenic is described as the following: warrior, active, volcanic beats, confrontational, icelandic octet, beats, cosmopolitan/icelandic contrast, green, patriotic.

in 1999, björk was asked to write and produce the musical score for lars von trier's dancer in the dark. he eventually asked her to consider playing the lead role — claiming the only true way to capture the character of selma was to have the composer play her. björk eventually accepted. there were multiple critical guidelines that she insisted upon to von trier, such as her need to have complete control over all of the film's musical elements. however, there is contention as to if such an agreement was ever on paper or merely a verbal one. while still living in reykjavík, björk attended tap dancing lessons three times a week, and began the songwriting process. working in this manner allowed her to get a grasp on selma's character even six months before they began filming. with assistance of mark bell, guy sigsworth, valgeir sigurdsson, and sjon sigurdsson, selmasongs began to take shape. alongside the seven songs that composed the album, everyone's hard work also yielded a new track: amphibian. this new track foreshadowed the next direction for björk's music — a contrast of celebrated fragility compared to that of homogenic's brazen strength. however, despite the incredible work put out, the relationship between von trier and björk was very fraught. björk once stated online, "[lars von trier] needs a female to provide his work soul. and he envies them and hates them for it. so he has to destroy them during the filming. and hide the evidence." she furthermore accused von trier of sexual harassment (though omitted his name, referring to him only as 'a danish director') on facebook during the height of the #metoo movement. the shoot was overall so tiring, both physically and emotionally, that björk vowed to never act again.

in the wake of all the tension accumulated whilst working on dancer in the dark was the tireless effort funneled into björk's fourth solo album, with a working title of domestika. in addition to the release of tension was also the release of an intense amount of love forged with matthew barney. having grown bored of fantastical big beats, björk instead found herself gravitating towards making a record for a more domestic sort of mood. this also marks the usage of her laptop as a compositional tool, fine-tuning molecular clicks from tinny speakers. there was also a focus on micro-beats and whispering vocals due to the ever-increasing rise of technology, as an artistic vision of how those noises would translate coming from poorer, cheaper speakers. she only used acoustic instruments that maintained a good sound even after being downloaded: the harp, the music box, celesta, and clavichord. the changing shape of the album also included a new name, shifting from domestika to vespertine. during vespertine's production, björk opted to move from iceland again, this time into barney's manhattan apartment. she left behind sindri, who opted to stay back with his father. after the album's tour, björk fulfilled a very select few of promotional engagements before returning to barney in manhattan. a month later, she was pregnant with her second child, fathered by barney. isadora was born on october 3 2002, while björk and barney were vacationing in paris. soon after the birth, the couple returned to manhattan to continue building their life together. in sonic symbolism, vespertine is described as the following: winter world, paradise, frozen, celestial, whispered vocals, microbeats, loyal, swans, harps, music boxes, laptops, orchestra, glockenspiels, salvation, choir.

work on her fifth studio album, known as the lake album during early production, was majorly inspired by björk's yearning to step away from both the worlds of instruments and the worlds of electronics, claiming to have overdosed on them. furthermore, she wanted to see what could be accomplished with the entire emotional range of the human voice. one voice, a chorus, trained voices: not only melodies so much as every noise that a human being's throat could make. august 2004 marked the release of medúlla. it included the vocal skills of tanya tagaq, rahzel, dokaka, mike patton, robert wyatt, and several choirs. many aspects of medúlla were arranged so that björk could spend as much time with isadora as possible: no tours or bit concerts. she was also inspired by paganism, and the overall idea of returning to a world that is entirely human. a world without tools, without religion, without nationality. even further, björk also considered medúlla to be her most political album at the time of its construction. it countered the racism and patriotism in the wake of the september 11 terrorist attacks, and björk viewed the album as anti-patriotic in the sense that it was against any sort of country, calling more for the unity of the human race. the same month that the album released, björk performed oceania at the opening ceremony of the 2004 summer olympics in athens. in sonic symbolism, medúlla is described as the following: primordial, motherhood, black braided hair, breastfeeding, passive, pre-civilisation, goth, folk, archeology, boens, family around campfire.

in 2005, björk collaborated with barney on the film drawing restraint 9, which was a dialogueless exploration of japanese culture. both her and barney appear in the film, as western guests on a factory whaling vessel that ultimately transform into whales. she also created the film's soundtrack, titled the music from matthew barney's drawing restraint 9, or drawing restraint 9 for short, with credits as arranger, producer, programmer, keyboards, harp, and beat programming. drawing restraint 9 is not typically included when fans speak of her body of work, perhaps owing to her vocals only appearing on three tracks: bath, storm, and cetacea. also in 2005, björk released army of me: remixes and covers, which featured a whopping seventeen remixes of army of me. it was organized in response to the 2004 indian ocean earthquake and tsunami, and björk put out a call on her website, reaching thousands of musician worldwide. she asked for a remix of army of me, stating that the proceeds would go to the united nations children's fund and emergency work with children all around the world. as of january 2006, the album raised £250,000 to help unicef's work.

due to the serious nature of her past two or three works, björk approached her next studio album with a new direction and objective in mind: get silly. she wanted to create something fun, something that was up and full-bodied. it was from this that volta was born, released on may 1 2007. volta incorporated the efforts of many collaborators, taking aspects from forms of music such as brass music, chinese folk music, percussive tribal music, electro, malian folk music, ambient, and industrial music. she used brass instrumentation for almost every song on the album, most of which was courtesy of an all-female icelandic brass ensemble. though volta harbored favorable critical reception on release, the reception was not as glowing when compared to her previous albums. however, it did manage to reach top 10 on the us billboard 200, as it peaked at number nine. in sonic symbolism, volta is described as the following: justice, fire, anthropology, wanderlust, activist, brass, boats, feminist, red, neon green, electric, blue, flags, trumpets, tribal beats, bombastic.

björk's seventh studio album, biophilia, was composed as a concept album during the 2008—2011 icelandic financial crisis, and aimed to explore the links between nature, music, and technology. biophilia was also a multimedia project, which was released alongside of series of apps and a series of educational workshops. overall, the album grew from björk's interest in nature and environmentalism. biophilia was partly composed on an ipad, and new musical instruments were developed specifically for the album, such as the gameleste, which was a mixture between a gamelan and a celesta, programmed to be played remotely by a tablet computer. biophilia was björk's last collaboration with mark bell before he sadly passed away from medical surgery complications in october 2014. the biophilia app contains a series of 10 separate apps, one for each song on the album. each individual app contains options to play the song, to access the score, use it as a karaoke machine, or use it as sheet music. the biophilia app was the first downloadable app in the museum of modern art's permanent collection. in sonic symbolism, biophilia is described as the following: equilibrium, synchronising opposites, electric blue, copper, pedagogic, cosmic, atom, element table, no human scale, galaxies, nasa, not narrative, pacifist, nature/technology, solutions, kofi annan.

after the success of biophilia, björk expressed a desire to use similar instruments for her next project. björk also approached producer arca after her manager sent her arca's mixtape, and the two worked together on the production of her next album, vulnicura. on january 18 2015, only a few days after the public announcement and over two months ahead of its scheduled release, a full version of the album leaked online. in attempts of salvaging potential losses in sales, the album was released worldwide on january 20 2015. vulnicura means "cure for wounds" (a combination of vulnus + curus in latin), and the album themed heavily around björk's breakup with barney. vulnicura was renowned for having much more emotionally raw and intimate lyrics compared to the more abstract lyrics of her previous works. additionally, despite lacking singles to promote the album, a series of innovative music videos were created, which culminated in the 360-degree virtual realtiy exhibit björk digital. vulnicura received widespread acclaim from critics, with many lauding it as her best output in a decade, compared to the comparably lukewarm reception of volta and biophilia. in sonic symbolism, vulnicura is described as the following: confessional, victimhood, lieder-songs, moss tundra, greek tragedy update, man-woman-conflict, chamber orchestra, lavender wax, the ritual of mourning, sewing wound, recovery narrative, heartbreak, shock, neon, yellow, lava.

björk's next musical venture saw collaboration from ara from the start, compared to their previous collaboration, wherein arca joined the team after the songs and string arrangements were written. air was a conscious stylistic choice for the album, featuring the airy musical qualities of the flute and harp. while vulnicura was about a personal loss, utopia was about rediscovering love. a transcendental love, a love that's even greater. utopia released on november 24 2017. she described the writing of utopia to paradise, a direct opposition to the divorce-like hell of vulnicura, and it was further described as being "a skybound haven after her traumatic divorce". the album is overall an exploration of utopia, an imaginary community possessing near-perfect qualities for its members. hypothetical utopias focus on equality in categories such as economics, government, and justice, and the writing process for utopia coincided with björk's own personal, political, and environmental concerns (while she is hesitant to be seen as an overtly political figure, björk is supportive of many liberation movements, including independence for kosovo and the international tibet independence movement). björk also described utopia as "a proposal of how society can live with nature and technology in the most optimistic way possible". utopia was another album met with widespread critical acclaim, being consistently lauded as something beautiful and avant-garde. in sonic symbolism, utopia is described as the following: sci-fi island in the clouds, plant-human-bird mutant, post-apocalyptic optimism, air, flute-like synths, synth-like flutes, pacifist, #metoo, matriarchal, peach, mint, idealistic, women and children surviving violence, manifesto to the future, sensuality.

hildur rúna passed away in late 2018, and both her passing and the covid-19 pandemic had profound impacts on björk's next and most recent musical project as of writing this, fossora. fossora was released on september 30 2022, and centered around the themes of isolation, loss, and grief. in the album's liner notes, the song sorrowful soil is subtitled "a eulogy for hildur rúna", while ancestress is subtitled "an epitaph for hildur rúna". fossora comes from the ungrammatical feminine version of the latin word for digger. the album also featured themes of survival, death, and ecological medidation, sometimes framed as her mushroom album. the fungus metaphor that envelops the album extends to how mushrooms are underground, but not stagnant in the way tree roots are. arca was intended to collaborate on fossora just as they had on vulnicura and utopia, but björk was unable to visit them in barcelona nor welcome them at her home due to the pandemic. though there is no sonic symbolism episode for fossora, some descriptors of the album are: dark green, dark red, grief, family, mushroom, digging, gabber, bass clarinet, ground.

information mainly courtesy of, the björk wikipedia page and mark pytlik's björk: wow and flutter.


this section focuses only on björk's solo career.

björk (1977)


release date: december 1977

format: lp, cassette

genres: novelty

singles: n/a

  1. arabadrengurinn (the arab boy)
  2. búkolla (your kiss is sweet)
  3. alta mira
  4. jóhannes kjarval
  5. fúsi hreindýr
  6. himnaför
  7. óliver
  8. álfur út úr hól (the fool on the hill)
  9. músastiginn
  10. bænin (christopher robin)
debut (1993)


release date: july 6 1993

format: lp, 2lps, cassette, cd, dd, md, digital download

genres: alternative dance, art pop, electropop, house

singles: human behavior, venus as a boy, play dead, big time sensuality, violently happy

tracklist and b-sides
  1. human behavior
  2. crying
  3. venus as a boy
  4. there's more to life than this (recoded live at the milk bar toilets)
  5. like someone in love
  6. big time sensuality
  7. one day
  8. aeroplane
  9. come to me
  10. violently happy
  11. the anchor song
  12. play dead (reissued edition)
  13. atlantic (japanese edition bonus track)

  1. stígðu mig (venus as a boy)
  2. i remember you (venus as a boy)
  3. síðasta ég (big time sensuality)
  4. glóra (big time sensuality)
post (1995)


release date: june 7 1995

format: lp, 2lps, cassette, cd, dd, md, digital download

genres: art pop, electronica, trip hop, experimental

singles: army of me, isobel, it's oh so quiet, hyperballad, possibly maybe, i miss you

tracklist and b-sides
  1. army of me
  2. hyperballad
  3. the modern things
  4. it's oh so quiet
  5. enjoy
  6. you've been flirting again
  7. isobel
  8. possibly maybe
  9. i miss you
  10. cover me
  11. headphones
  12. i go humble (japanese edition bonus track)

  1. sweet intuition (army of me, it's oh so quiet)
  2. my spine (it's oh so quiet)
  3. charlene (isobel)
  4. i go humble (isobel)
  5. vísur vatnsenda-rósu (possibly maybe)
  6. karvel (i miss you)
telegram (1996)


release date: november 25 1996

format: lp, 2lps, cassette, cd, digital download

genres: techno, electronic dance, post-rock

singles: n/a

tracklist and b-sides
  1. possibly maybe (lucy mix)
  2. hyperballad (brodsky quartet version)
  3. enjoy (further over the edge mix)
  4. my spine
  5. i miss you (dobie rub part one - sunshine mix)
  6. isobel (deodato mix)
  7. you've been flirting again (flirt is a promise mix)
  8. cover me (dillinja mix)
  9. army of me (masseymix)
  10. headphones (ø remix)

  1. hyperballad (further over the edge mix) (initial uk vinyl pressing alternate track)
homogenic (1997)


release date: september 20 1997

format: lp, 2lps, cassette, cd, dd, md, digital download

genres: electronica, trip hop, art pop, experimental

singles: jóga, bachelorette, hunter, alarm call, all is full of love

tracklist and b-sides
  1. hunter
  2. jóga
  3. unravel
  4. bachelorette
  5. all neon like
  6. 5 years
  7. immature
  8. alarm call
  9. pluto
  10. all is full of love (howie b version)
  11. jóga (howie b main mix) (japanese limited edition bonus track)
  12. sod off (japanese limited edition bonus track)
  13. immature (björk's version) (japanese limited edition bonus track)
  14. so broken (japanese limited edition bonus track
  15. my snare (a.k.a. nature is ancient) (japanese limited edition bonus track)
  16. jóga (alec empire remix) (japanese limited edition bonus track)

  1. scary (bachelorette)
  2. my snare (bachelorette)
  3. sod off (jóga)
  4. so broken (jóga)
selmasongs (2000)


release date: september 18 2000

format: vinyl, lp, cassette, cd, dd, digital download

genres: electronica, techno, classical, industrial, musique concrète

singles: i've seen it all

  1. overture
  2. cvalda
  3. i've seen it all
  4. scatterheart
  5. in the musicals
  6. 107 steps
  7. new world
vespertine (2001)


release date: august 27 2001

format: 2lps, cassette, cd, dd, dvd, digital download

genres: art pop, glitch pop, electronica, trip hop, folktronica, psychedelia

singles: hidden place, pagan poetry, cocoon

tracklist and b-sides
  1. hidden place
  2. cocoon
  3. it's not up to you
  4. undo
  5. pagan poetry
  6. frosti
  7. aurora
  8. an echo, a stain
  9. sun in my mouth
  10. heirloom
  11. harm of will
  12. unison
  13. generous palmstroke (japanese edition bonus track)

  1. generous palmstroke (hidden place vol. 1)
  2. verandi (hidden place vol. 1)
  3. mother heroic (hidden place vol. 2)
  4. foot soldier (hidden place vol. 2)
  5. domestica (pagan poetry)
  6. batabid (pagan poetry)
  7. amphibian (cocoon)
  8. it's in our hands (cocoon)
greatest hits (2002)

greatest hits

release date: november 8 2002

format: 2lps, cassette, cd, digital download

genres: electropop

singles: it's in our hands

  1. all is full of love (video edit)
  2. hyperballad
  3. human behavior
  4. jóga
  5. bachelorette
  6. army of me
  7. pagan poetry
  8. big time sensuality (fluke minimix video version)
  9. venus as a boy
  10. hunter
  11. hidden place
  12. isobel
  13. possibly maybe
  14. play dead
  15. it's in our hands
debut live (2004)

debut live

release date: june 1 2004

format: cd, digital download

genres: acoustic

singles: n/a

  1. human behavior
  2. one day
  3. venus as a boy
  4. come to me
  5. big time sensuality
  6. aeroplane
  7. like someone in love
  8. crying
  9. the anchor song
  10. violently happy
post live (2004)

post live

release date: june 1 2004

format: cd, digital download

genres: electronica

singles: n/a

  1. headphones
  2. army of me
  3. one day
  4. the modern things
  5. isobel
  6. possibly maybe
  7. hyperballad
  8. i go humble
  9. big time sensuality
  10. enjoy
  11. i miss you
  12. it's oh so quiet
  13. the anchor song
homogenic live (2004)

homogenic live

release date: june 1 2004

format: cd, digital download

genres: eletronica

singles: n/a

  1. vísur vatnsenda-rósu
  2. hunter
  3. you've been flirting again
  4. isobel
  5. all neon like
  6. possibly maybe
  7. 5 years
  8. come to me
  9. immature
  10. i go humble
  11. bachelorette
  12. human behavior
  13. pluto
  14. jóga
  15. so broken
  16. the anchor song
vespertine live (2004)

vespertine live

release date: june 1 2004

format: cd, digital download

genres: electronica, experimental, glitch pop

singles: n/a

  1. frosti
  2. overture
  3. all is full of love
  4. cocoon
  5. aurora
  6. undo
  7. unravel
  8. i've seen it all
  9. an echo, a stain
  10. generous palmstroke
  11. hidden place
  12. pagan poetry
  13. harm of will
  14. it's not up to you
  15. unison
  16. it's in our hands
medúlla (2004)


release date: august 30 2004

format: 2lps, cassette, cd, dd, dvd, 2dvds, digital download

genres: a capella, avant-garde, experimental

singles: who is it, triumph of a heart

  1. pleasure is all mine
  2. show me forgiveness
  3. where is the line
  4. vökuró
  5. öll birtan
  6. who is it (carry my joy on the left, carry my pain on the right)
  7. submarine
  8. desired constellation
  9. oceania
  10. sonnets/unrealities xi
  11. ancestors
  12. mouth's cradle
  13. miðvikudags
  14. triumph of a heart
  15. komið (japanese edition bonus track)
drawing restraint 9 (2005)

drawing restraint 9

release date: july 25 2005

format: lp, 2lps, cassette, cd, dd, digital download

genres: avant-garde

singles: n/a

  1. gratitude
  2. pearl
  3. ambergris march
  4. bath
  5. hunter vessel
  6. shimenawa
  7. vessel shimenawa
  8. storm
  9. holographic entrypoint
  10. cetacea
  11. antarctic return
volta (2007)


release date: may 1 2007

format: 2lps, cd, cd/dvd, digital download, cassette

genres: electropop, experimental, world, avant-pop

singles: earth intruders, innocence, declare independence, wanderlust, the dull flame of desire

  1. earth intruders
  2. wanderlust
  3. the dull flame of desire
  4. innocence
  5. i see who you are
  6. vertebræ by vertebræ
  7. pneumonia
  8. hope
  9. declare independence
  10. my juvenile
voltaïc (2009)


release date: june 23 2009

format: 2lps, cd, digital download

genres: electropop, experimental, world, avant-pop

singles: n/a

  1. wanderlust
  2. hunter
  3. pleasure is all mine
  4. innocence
  5. army of me
  6. i miss you
  7. earth intruders
  8. all is full of love
  9. pagan poetry
  10. vertebræ by vertebræ
  11. declare independence
  12. my juvenile (north american itunes store exclusive)

  1. earth intruders (xxxchange remix)
  2. innocence (simian mobile disco remix)
  3. declare independence (matthew herbert remix)
  4. wanderlust (ratatat remix)
  5. the dull flame of desire (featuring antony hegarty; modeselektor remix for girls)
  6. earth intruders (lexx remix)
  7. innocence (graeme sinden remix)
  8. declare independence (ghostigital remix)
  9. the dull flame of desire (modeselektor remix for boys)
  10. innocence (alva noto unitxt remodel)
  11. declare independence (black pus remix)
  12. innocence (simian mobile disco dub remix)
biophilia (2011)


release date: october 5 2011

format: 2lps, cd, 2cds, box set, digital download, app, cassette

genres: electronic, experimental

singles: crystalline, cosmogony, virus, moon

  1. moon
  2. thunderbolt
  3. crystalline
  4. cosmogony
  5. dark matter
  6. hollow
  7. virus
  8. sacrifice
  9. mutual core
  10. solstice
  11. náttúra (deluxe edition exclusive)
  12. the comet song (japanese edition exclusive)
bastards (2012)


release date: november 19 2012

format: 2lps, cd, digital download

genres: electronic, experimental

singles: n/a

  1. crystalline (omar souleyman remix)
  2. virus (hudson mohawke peaches and guacamol remix)
  3. sacrifice (death grips remix)
  4. sacrifice (matthew herbert's pins and needles mix edit)
  5. mutual core (these new puritans remix featuring solomon islands song)
  6. hollow (16bit remix)
  7. mutual core (matthew herbert's tectonic plates mix)
  8. thunderbolt (death grips remix)
  9. dark matter (alva noto remodel)
  10. thunderbolt (omar souleyman remix)
  11. solstice (current value remix)
  12. moon (the slips remix)
  13. crystalline (matthew herbert mix)
biophilia live (2014)

biophilia live

release date: november 24 2004

format: 2cds/dvd, 2cds/bd, 3lps/dvd, digital download

genres: electronic, experimental

singles: n/a


disc 1

  1. oskasteinn
  2. thunderbolt
  3. moon
  4. crystalline
  5. hollow
  6. dark matter
  7. hidden place
  8. virus
  9. possibly maybe
  10. mouth's cradle

disc 2

  1. isobel
  2. sonnets/unrealities xi
  3. mutual core
  4. cosmogony
  5. solstice
  6. one day
  7. náttúra
  8. declare independence
  9. sacrifice
  10. bat sounds
vulnicura (2015)


release date: january 20 2015

format: 2lps, cd, digital download, cassette

genres: electronic, avant-garde, ambient

singles: n/a

  1. stonemilker
  2. lionsong
  3. history of touches
  4. black lake
  5. family
  6. notget
  7. atom dance
  8. mouth mantra
  9. quicksand
vulnicura strings (2015)

vulnicura strings

release date: november 6 2015

format: 2lps, cd, digital download

genres: acoustic, chamber

singles: n/a

  1. mouth mantra
  2. lionsong
  3. black lake
  4. atom dance
  5. stonemilker
  6. quicksand
  7. notget
  8. family
  9. black lake (viola organista version)
  10. mouth mantra (the haxan cloak mix) (japanese and argentinian editions)
  11. black lake (bloom remix) (japanese and argentinian editions)
vulnicura live (2016)

vulnicura live

release date: july 15 2016

format: 2cds, 2lps, digital download, cd, 2lps, box set

genres: electronica, chamber pop, experimental

singles: n/a

  1. stonemilker
  2. lionsong
  3. history of touches
  4. black lake
  5. family
  6. notget
  7. undo
  8. come to me
  9. i see who you are
  10. wanderlust
  11. quicksand
  12. mutual core
  13. mouth mantra
  14. all neon like (rough trade exclusive)
utopia (2017)


release date: november 24 2017

format: lp, cd, digital download, cassette, box set

genres: avant-garde, folktronica

singles: the gate, blissing me, arisen my senses

  1. arisen my senses
  2. blissing me
  3. the gate
  4. utopia
  5. body memory
  6. features creatures
  7. courtship
  8. losss
  9. sue me
  10. tabula rasa
  11. claimstaker
  12. paradisia
  13. saint
  14. future forever
  15. arpeggio (utopia bird call boxset bonus track)
fossora (2022)


release date: september 30 2022

format: 2lps, cd, digital download, cassette

genres: avant-pop, techno, industrial noise

singles: atopos, ovule, ancestress, fossora

  1. atopos
  2. ovule
  3. mycelia
  4. sorrowful soil
  5. ancestress
  6. fagurt er í fjörðum
  7. victimhood
  8. allow
  9. an echo, a stain
  10. fungal city
  11. trölla-Gabba
  12. freefall
  13. fossora
  14. her mother's house



my personal album ranking
  • utopia
    • i adore everything about this album, from the visuals and aesthetics, to the airy sounds of the flutes and harps and birds, to the meanings in the lyrics. i think it's an absolutely fantastic piece of work, and thus tops my personal ranking despite the divisive view the fanbase has on it.
  • vespertine
    • unsurprising that another album about love is at the top of my list, i think. i adore the wintry and light direction that was taken with this album, and find so many of the songs to be absolutely breathtaking. i believe this to be one of the best albums of all time, and manages to hold up after over twenty years.
  • post
    • i have had a rather tumultuous relationship with this album through the time i've been a fan. once upon a time, i used to regard post as my least favorite album. it's safe to say that my opinion has obviously changed since then. i find post to be such a fun album to listen to, which is a big part of how i rank these. otherwise, it would be much too hard. i have a lot of favorites on this album, and i think it has rightfully earned its spot in third.
  • vulnicura
    • beautifully heartbreaking. two words that absolutely encapsulate vulnicura. i'm partially thankful that i have never been going through a breakup or the otherwise end of a relationship while i've been a fan, but if i ever do, i know vulnicura will be there to comfort me. though it's incredibly sad and thus can sometimes be harder for me to sit down and casually listen to, i think the combined work of björk and arca do wonders on this album.
  • homogenic
    • i won't dance around it: i think homogenic is absolutely phenonemal, and another contender for one of the best albums of all time. however, i just don't find myself going to play as many of the songs as the past four albums. though i listen to more songs off of homogenic than i do vulnicura, another thing weighing down its ranking is the version of all is full of love included on it. i just really do not care for the howie b version of it, and strongly prefer the video edit.
  • debut
    • oh, debut. young, sweet debut. i feel that debut is often unfairly maligned by the fanbase, perhaps because of its age. even though it's only two years younger than post, but i digress. i think a lot of the fanbase nowadays struggle to give it the credit it deserves for how groundbreaking it was for music at the time, and i believe it even holds up well today. i am also extremely fond of come to me, so it gets bonus points for that. but the singles are also super fun. when the album is good, it's amazing. when it's mediocre... eeeeh.
  • medúlla
    • before i had more conceptualized views on her music, and when i had it hammered into me that her first four albums were a no-go for claiming as my favorite album, i had settled on medúlla. which, by all means: i think that when the songs on this album are good, they are phenomenal. i think desired constellation is an absolutely breathtaking song. however, i don't find myself listening to a good portion of the album, which weighs down its ranking significantly despite my love for multiple of the tracks.
  • biophilia
    • see, this is why doing a ranking is so difficult. already, i find myself putting an album in what is a whopping eighth place, and even putting something there feels downright impossible. i don't dislike biophilia, not by any means. but i think the preceding seven albums are more strongly attuned with my tastes. i love the artistry and innovation that surrounds this album, however.
  • volta
    • this is the section of the ranking where songs off these albums are few and far between on my björk playlist. i don't think any of the songs on volta are bad. not at all. however, i find the album to be somewhat lacking in cohesion. if it were more consistent in tone with songs like earth intruders and declare independence, i think i would absolutely adore it. i think that the softer, gentler songs break my immersion with the fun, fiery vibes.
  • fossora
    • i don't want to say anything bad about fossora. i just don't think it's for me. i'm not one for getting overly fixated on negative emotions (which i'm also sure sounds like a bout of hypocrisy given the placement of vulnicura; but vulnicura differs in the healing strength the album focuses on just as much as the agony), and i think the lyrical content and themes in tandem with the genres and sounds don't do it for me. however, though i'm not a big fan of listening to fossora, i think fossora has some of björk's best lyrical work, and i applaud it for that.


debut (1993)

debut ranking

notes: i'm quite fond of debut! while it's not her strongest work by any means, i think it is very fun and innovative for the time, and already from her very first solo work, björk has integrated the diversity that makes her work so wonderful.


ranking and ratings
  1. come to me (10/10)
  2. play dead (10/10)
  3. human behavior (10/10)
  4. venus as a boy (9.5/10) (10 if 7" dream mix)
  5. big time sensuality (9.5/10)
  6. crying (9.5/10)
  7. like someone in love (9.5/10)
  8. one day (9.5/10)
  9. there's more to life than this (9/10)
  10. aeroplane (9/10)
  11. violently happy (9/10)
  12. the anchor song (9/10)
utopia (2017)

utopia ranking

notes: a very difficult list for me to make, as utopia is my favorite björk album and undoubtedly one of my favorites of all time, regardless of artist. also, yes, i am going to be very lax with giving 10s because i love this album and i think it's amazing.


ranking and ratings
  1. saint (10/10)
  2. future forever (10/10)
  3. blissing me (10/10)
  4. the gate (10/10)
  5. arisen my senses (10/10)
  6. courtship (10/10)
  7. utopia (10/10)
  8. claimstaker (10/10)
  9. tabula rasa (10/10)
  10. losss (10/10)
  11. features creatures (9.5/10)
  12. body memory (9.5/10)
  13. sue me (9.5/10)
homogenic (1997)

homogenic ranking

notes: as much as i think homogenic is a phenomenal album, and as much as i can recognize certain songs as objectively good, they just aren't my personal favorites. i also rue the fact that the howie b version of all is full of love is the album version, i am sorry to say.


ranking and ratings
  1. all is full of love (10/10)
  2. bachelorette (10/10)
  3. jóga (10/10)
  4. pluto (10/10)
  5. hunter (10/10)
  6. alarm call (10/10)
  7. immature (9.5/10)
  8. 5 years (9.5/10)
  9. all neon like (9.5/10)
  10. unravel (9.5/10)



favorite songs
  • saint - utopia
    • she has entered me thousandfold often, and undone knots at my most awkward / music, music loves too
  • all is full of love - greatest hits
    • you'll be given love, you'll be taken care of / you'll be given love, you just have to trust it
  • come to me - debut
    • come to me, i'll take care of you / protect you [...] you don't have to explain, i understand
  • future forever - utopia
    • imagine a world and be in it [...] what i gave to the world, you're giving back at me / hold fort for love, forever
  • pagan poetry - vespertine
    • this time, i'm gonna keep me all to myself / but he makes me want to hand myself over
  • hyperballad - post
    • i imagine what my body would sound like slamming against those rocks, and when it lands, will my eyes be closed or open?
  • blissing me - utopia
    • he reminds me of the love in me [...] did i just fall in love with love?


favorite lyrics
  • jump off, your building's on fire, and i'll catch you
    • come to me
  • destroy all that is keeping you down / and then i'll nurse you
    • come to me
  • i nestle into pain / hug suffering, caress every ache
    • play dead
  • i go through all this before you wake up / so i can feel happier, to be safe up here with you
    • hyperballad
  • i imagine what my body would sound like slamming against those rocks, and when it lands, will my eyes be closed or open?
    • hyperballad
  • every nerve that hurts, you heal
    • jóga
  • i'm a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl
    • bachelorette
  • love's a two - way dream
    • bachelorette
  • don't get angry with yourself / i'll heal you
    • all neon like
  • you'll be given love, you'll be taken care of / you'll be given love, you just have to trust it
    • all is full of love
  • all is full of love, it's all around you
    • all is full of love
  • who would have known that a boy like him / after sharing my core, would stay going nowhere?
    • cocoon
  • on the surface simplicity, but the darkest pit in me, and it's pagan poetry
    • pagan poetry
  • this time, i'm gonna keep me to myself / but he makes me want to hand myself over
    • pagan poetry
  • show me forgiveness for having lost faith in myself
    • show me forgiveness
  • i want to go out of my way for you / i want to help you / where is the line for you?
    • where is the line
  • with a palm full of stars, i throw them like dice / until the desired constellation appears
    • desired constellation
  • love is all / i dare to drown to be proven wrong
    • hope
  • your generosity will show in the volume of her glow
    • sacrifice
  • what is it that i have that makes me feel your pain?
    • stonemilker
  • out of this danger, i raise a monument of love / and we can get healed by it
    • family
  • love will keep all of us safe from death
    • notget
  • he reminds me of the love in me
    • blissing me
  • did i just fall in love with love?
    • blissing me
  • my healed chest wound transformed into a gate where i receive love from
    • the gate
  • the love you gave and have been given / weave into your own dream
    • courtship
  • she has entered me thousandfold often, and undone knots at my most awkward / music, music loves too
    • saint
  • imagine a future and be in it
    • future forever
  • i let myself freefall into your arms, into the shape of love we created
    • freefall


favorite song moments
  • saint
  • all is full of love (video edit)
  • come to me (debut live)
  • come to me (vulnicura live)
  • i remember you
  • pagan poetry
  • pagan poetry
  • blissing me
  • future forever
  • black lake
  • enjoy (post live)
  • desired constellation


favorite song on each album
  • debut: come to me
  • post: hyperballad
  • homogenic: all is full of love
  • vespertine: pagan poetry
  • medúlla: desired constellation
  • volta: hope
  • biophilia: sacrifice
  • vulnicura: stonemilker
  • utopia: saint
  • fossora: victimhood