long time no see! in truth i haven't been much of anywhere, only silently lurking whilst i go about my life. my sweet angel boston passed away since i last spoke here, so i have mostly been taking time to myself to mourn. in this time we also got a new puppy, maverick!

he's an absolute sweetheart and seems very fond of me. i love him so much.

in other news, my quote-unquote favorite character of the month is none other than mikuru asahina from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya! i've actually been super fixated on the series lately, but especialyl because of her. the image above depicts just some of my collection, although it is growing each and every day. i intend to make a mikuru shrine at some point on here, maybe with more detailed images of everything in my collection!

finally, i'm looking forward to when i get to see nick again. he is so wonderful. okay, bye bye for now.