okay so! a bit of a long time no see, and i'm sorry for that! but this month has been crazy for me because ...

i saw nick! i'm so beyond happy to have finally been able to see him, and our weekend was honestly incredible.

i arrived friday night where we cuddled and watched youtube! then, on saturday he had tickets for the overwatch league semi - finals, so i was at our airbnb for a few hours by myself while he was gone. but once he got back, we went out! we visited the eaton centre and ikea, and i bought myself some goodies. i absolutely adore ikea hotdogs. then, we came back home and cuddled and watched some more youtube. sunday was the biggest day, since we had tickets for the overwatch league grand finals! i also got to meet my best friend alyssa, and i honestly feel so blessed to have had that opportunity to meet both of them in person and to indulge in one of my greatest interests at the same time. i wrote cards for both of them and made both of them cry, hehehe. and it was a very emotional goodbye between me and nick, but it makes me all the more excited for the next time him and i get to see each other.

all is full of love! be good to each other.