wow! long time no see, guys! i think i got super burnt out after making my new layout, unfortunately. but i'm gonna try to kick my butt into gear and get back to working on things around here, especially because it sparked my interest in web design and development as a career choice!

for an update in me in particular, i'd say the most significant thing that happened to me whilst i've been away from neocities is my interest in danganronpa came back! i've actually been a fan for a very long time, as i read trigger happy havoc on the something awful forums before the official english translation. but i've been roleplaying it a lot, and generally just thinking about it a lot. i've been playing danganronpa v3 with nick! his favorites are gonta, himiko, and ryoma, while my favorites are miu, korekiyo, and kiibo. miu and korekiyo especially i have a lot of feelings about, both with them as characters and as a ship, hehe. i think i may make a page about my mental health headcanons for the characters as i do think about it quite a fair bit. korekiyo and miu, for instance, i definitely both headcanon as having autism, amongst other things. i think it's nice to see traits of myself in fictional characters as that makes it easier to relate to them and empathize with them. so yeah! danganronpa has completely had my heart lately, and there will likely be pages to come to indulge my hyperfixation/possible special interest about it. particularly shrines for miu and mikan. i have so many thoughts about them. i love them super bad.

i'm coming up on two years with nick, as well! though our official anniversary is in september, we've been acting as a couple since july 2021, so mentally i almost consider around now to be my anniversary with him. but i'm so happy. i got him a nice knife block for his birthday. . . it feels so good to get each other things. and he was so, so appreciative. my angel.

i also ended up getting a ps vita and modded it! which. . . may or may not have been spurred by my danganronpa hyperfixation, since i can ply the vast majority of the games on a ps vita and all. teehee. totally worth it, though. i absolutely love my vita. though between it, my 3ds, my wii, and my ps2. . . i'm kind of overwhelmed with games to play!

my final note to end this off is that i definitely want to code this better. perhaps i'll make sub-pages for each entry, or a sort of month - to - month deal. it wasn't a big deal when my diary updates were so short, but gosh, if they all end up this length. . . yeah, perhaps that's my first order of business. maybe i'll even do that today! anyways, i hope you're all well, and please feel free to message me via socials linked on my about page if you ever need anything. someone to talk to, coding help, whatever it is, i'll try my very best. alright! gonna try and play some pokemon x today! bye!