first update on the new layout! i thought i'd try out doing a bit longer of a diary update, even though i'm truthfully not much accustomed to longer form diary updates. i always try writing in a diary, a physical one, but i always forget about it by the second day. alas! i've been working on the new layout here for a few days now, and i'm super proud of myself as i did it almost entirely by scratch! i did reference sadgrl.online's layout generator, but that was more to ensure i had everything positioned properly.

so. . . what's up with me? well, i had a 7 hour shift at work yesterday, which thankfully went by super quickly. when my shifts are a bit longer like that, i'm always thankful for when they're closing shifts, as my mandated closing duties eat up at least an hour of my shift. then another half hour for my lunch, and at that point my shift is more like 5 hours of actual work! but as for today. . . hmm, well. . . i'm hoping to walk down to my local dollar store when i get the motivation to, buy myself some snacks and goodies. and my angel of a boyfriend is going to get on today to play games with me, so i am very excited for that. otherwise, my agenda today is completing the layout revamp enough so that i can actually implement it on neocities, and it can live somewhere else than a smattering of .html and .css files on my computer.

ah. . . and now i've returned from the dollar store! i got myself some treats, and now i've been helping out in a nintendo homebrew server. it makes me so so happy to be able to help people with something i'm so passionate about and have so much love for.