toontown !

ugh, i have such a big fondness for toontown, it's such a big part of my childhood. even when i couldn't afford membership to go beyond toontown central, i was always consuming toontown content on youtube, lurking in nutty summit to go to people's estates for games, and just so much more.

i currently play toontown rewritten and toontown corporate clash! my main toon on ttr is a black cat named cassiopeia, who is around 100 laff. she's the toon below the title, and if you click her, she'll play a familiar gag's sound effect! i'm very shy in toontown so it's been a little difficult to progress through cog bosses. my second toon is a brown deer named chopper, aptly named after . . . chopper. chopper from one piece. i haven't been able to get back into ttcc as much lately, but i was playing a black cat named caveira before i took a break from playing, named after caveira from r6 siege.

my most prevalent toon i recall from my time in toontown online was a pinky-purple rabbit called moonglow. i remember she had the poetic nametag style. maybe i'll remake her in one of the current servers if i get the motivation to. aesthetically, my favorite playground is donald's dreamland. i just love the soft, lullaby sound of all the music and the relaxing purple tones for the streets and playground. i also have a massive fondness for toontown central as it's the beginning of the game and thus home to a lot of my memories, granted that that's where i had to stay when i was without membership.

gosh, speaking of, i remember the absolute joy that came of me the rare occasions i got a one-month membership to the game, on those little gift card-like packages. the times i didn't have membership, i remember jumping between accounts a lot, as you could only make two, and later one toon. i vaguely remember being able to use that pink square before that free option was taken away! oh my gosh, and you couldn't make a monkey, a bear, or a horse as a free player. i liked the cats and the rabbits though. i also remember watching a ton of coach z as a kid, and being mildly confused when the homestar runenr character came up when i searched on google. another youtuber i loved was the random toon show. rest in peace, michael.

my favorite trolley game was match minnie!

ring game is also super fun, and is actually the thing i visualize when i imagine my childhood time spent playing.