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kayla / evangeline
leo sagittarius taurus
intp 5w4 sp/so 592 lii
phlegmatic 💓 sylph of heart 💓 rloei

as stated above, my name is kayla, though i also use the alias evangeline/evie in certain spaces online. i'm 21, and though i don't think neocities needs to be akin to a carrd or a rentry wherein it's just a laundry list of mental illnesses, i want to say right away that i am autistic. i think my being autistic absolutely shapes a lot of who i am as well as how i interact with and engage with the things i enjoy, so keep that in mind as you explore. or don't! just be kind, that's all i ask.

i've been coding in some capacity since i was around 6yo on sites like mweor and neopets, and was making tumblr themes by the time i was 12yo. i'm not currently in school, but in the near future i want to go for web design and development, and put all of this stuff over the years to good use.

you can take a look at my interests listed off below if you'd like to get more of a read on the things i like. it's not completely comprehensive, and is always subject to change as i grow as a person.

as saccharine as it may be, i try my very best to be a kind and positive person, as i think it is important to put good back into the world. not to mention, i think it does wonders for my mental health engaging with happy media like music and movies. i try my very best to be a patient and helpful person, and if you ever need to talk to someone, i welcome and implore you to contact me at the accounts listed below.😃

finally, some fun facts about me! i wear a rose quartz heart necklace and a 444 necklace all the time. 444 is my lucky number, though the sentiment extends to 4 in general. i've been with my lovely boyfriend, nick, for almost 2 years as of writing this! and, finally, my room is absolutely covered in pink stuff and lots of care bears.



death note, chobits, fruits basket, initial d, serial experiments lain, beastars, demon slayer, tokyo mew mew, sailor moon, ouran high school host club, hunter x hunter, panty and stocking with garterbelt, one piece, haruhi suzumiya, pokemon, elfen lied, black lagoon, nurse witch komugi, puella magi madoka magica


care bears, my little pony (g1 - g4), superstore, criminal minds, the fosters, good trouble, degrassi, rupaul's drag race, a series of unfortunate events, big brother, johnny test, the end of the f***ing world, ned's declassified school survival guide


the edge of seventeen (2016), teeth (2007), american psycho (2000), better watch out (2017), the little rascals (1922 - 1944 and 1994), a goofy movie (1995), the chipmunk adventure (1987), a series of unfortunate events (2004), diary of a wimpy kid (2010 - 2012), problem child (1990 - 1991), matilda (1996), the boss baby (2017), a very minty christmas (2005), barbie and the magic of pegasus (2005), care bears nutcracker suite (1988), pearl (2022)


nintendo consoles (and homebrew!), psp/ps vita (and homebrew!), overwatch, danganronpa, rainbow six siege/extraction, stardew valley, the sims, pokemon, genshin impact, nekopara, animal crossing, doki doki literature club, needy streamer overload, my fluffy life, muse dash, toontown, webkinz, subeta, neopets


homestuck (andrew hussie), thus spoke zarathustra (friedrich nietzsche), warrior cats (erin hunter), indigo blue (cathy cassidy), scarlett (cathy cassidy), lullabies for little criminals (heather o'neill), flowers in the attic (v.c. andrews), no virgin / no shame (anne cassidy), a series of unfortunate events (lemony snicket), american psycho (bret easton ellis), men women and chain saws (carol j. clover)


her (poppy), the sea is a good place to think of the future (los campesinos!), come to me (björk), all is full of love (björk), pagan poetry (björk), jennifer's body (hole), the truth is, you should lie with me (say anything), moonlite (nicole dollanganger)


björk, say anything, nicole dollanganger, mitski, fall out boy, eminem, lil peep, britney spears, jasiah, jack off jill, kittie, gorillaz, linkin park, lily allen, deftones, lil bo weep, flower face, evanescence, poppy, gregory and the hawk, ethel cain, epic rap battles of history


sociology, psychology, criminology, fashion, makeup, sanrio, dungeons and dragons, barbie, poetry, shopping, piracy, roleplaying, graphic design, web design, creative writing, scrapbooking, typology, baking, cooking, loving, caring, healing

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